Bee Printable Decor Set Revealed

Bee Printable Decor Set Revealed

I've have been dropping hints of a new diy tray set coming soon.
Well girls I can't hold it any longer. 

It's time to spill the beans and show you what  I have been working on.


What if I told you that you don't have to paints tons of tiny pieces and you don't need super glue to put together this tiered tray set.

I love tiered trays and for real I cannot lie but, they can be rather tedious to put together.

So girls I did it. I sat down one day and I pretty much just dumped all my ideas into my design studio and came up with this beautiful new bee set that is super easy to put together.


Why you ask? Because I made it  with our decor printables.


All you need is a little bit a mod podge, some printer ink, and a wood surface and bam! you're in business.

Check out this video  to see what all the buzz is about and to see how easy it is to put the tray together.


There are so many ways to style this set. 


On a Tiered Tray




You can add a couple to a one tier tray or riser







Or on a Kitchen counter or coffee bar


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Love all of them. Great job! Thank you


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