Five Things You Need To Decorate Your Decor Display

Five Things You Need To Decorate Your Decor Display

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I've Got 5 things you need this week to decorate your tiered tray or home displays.

1.  Carrot Patch and Bunny Tiered Tray Set : This cute tiered tray set can be used on any size tiered tray set and is perfect for your Spring and Easter Decor. Find it Here

2. Chicks with Glasses- I found these in the Hobby Lobby Spring Aisle. They are 6.99 and are currently 40% off. They come in pink, turquouise,and yellow

3. Blue Spring Decor- What do you think about Blue for Spring. I put this blue truck and blue floral carrots in with the pink bunny tray set and it looked Ah-mazing. If you want these items, I found them at Hobby Lobby. They are also 40% off

4. Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mugs and Hats

I have been wanting these cuties for a while and did not know where to find them. I thought that maybe they would be available at some point at Home Goods but I never saw them. Well low and behold, they are available on Amazon. As soon as I saw them,I went ahead and ordered them and they were here the next day. If you want these cuties you can find them on Amazon here..



5. Makers Lane Box- The Makers Lane box is a seasonal home decor box that I am honored to be a member of.  Eight handmade makers from across the United States have come together to create seasonal decor that you can use to decorate your home. The Spring box launches on 3/15/2021. But it's available to purchase now for our group members and members of our VIP Email List. Join the group for sneak peaks and more info on the box. Join Group



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