Simply Adorable Printables: Get the 411 On What a Printable Is and How To Use Them

Never used a printable before... Get the 411 on Printable Basics below.

I have been designing my own files for years and somehow it never clicked in my head that I could take images that would be too complex to cut with a laser or by hand and create a digital image that you can print from the comfort of your own home.

So in case you have never used one a printable usually comes in the form of a png or a pdf. Generally once you make or purchase a printable you print it out, find a surface to adhere it to and voila, you have a ready made piece of art on your hands.


All you really need to use these is a printer. Just your average run of the mill printer nothing fancy smancy. You can also visit your local printing store like UPS or Office Depot and print from there. I do that occasionally because girl they have that really good ink, lol

You don't have to have a special type of paper though on occasion I have used regular white cardstock from Hobby Lobby to print with on my home computer.


For the most part people  use mod podge to attach their sign but you can easily find a picture frame at your favorite dollar tree or around the house and place it in there

.There are tons of ways to up level your printable decoration with ribbon or other embellishments as well.

When it comes to surfaces to use for your printables let me tell you my favorite place to find them is Dollar Tree and Michaels. I raid the Dollar Tree craft aisle all the time. I bet they wonder what is that girl making. 
And Michael's usually has unfinshed blocks and wood signs in their Dollar section at the front of the store or craft aisle.

You can also find wood or fabric surfaces at Walmart. Target. or Amazon

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Here are some of our latest creations with our Simply Adorable Printable Decor 




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