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Do you have an Etsy shop?


Etsy is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to my business, and as crazy as it sounds, it was totally by accident. 


Several years ago, I started a couple of DIY decor projects to decorate my new home, and I figured out that I was actually kinda crafty. I know, shocking right?


I was so excited about how they turned out, so I posted a couple of pictures on my Facebook page. Here’s the kicker, people seemed to really like my creations!


Fast forward a few months, I really wanted to turn my craft side hustle into a business, so I knew I needed to get my products in front of people. 


I didn’t have an audience. I knew nothing about using Facebook and was new to Pinterest. 


Now keep in mind, this was five or six years ago when Etsy wasn't as big as it is now, but somehow, while searching online, I stumbled across Etsy.


So I jumped in and I added my first listing to Etsy. Believe it or not, within a couple of weeks, I got my first sale. That accomplishment was very addicting, and it made me want to do more.


Six years later, it has grown to be one of my biggest platforms to sell my products. Now don’t get me wrong, Etsy is not easy. You have to put in the work to reap the rewards.


I promised you that I would give you my Etsy success tips that I use all the time to make consistent sales on Etsy.


So here we go! 


One of the things that I do for my Etsy shop, and this is a must, is updating my tags.


I update my tags at least once or twice a quarter, if not more 


Take for instance my circle door hanger which is our most popular sign, I update the tags to be relevant for the seasons, holidays, and occasions that make sense for the current time.


I wouldn't want to have a tag for Christmas in February., 


I always like to look towards the next big thing that's coming up and add this to my tags. 


Tip 1: Make sure to keep your tags relevant!

Another thing I do is make sure that my tags or keywords are sprinkled throughout my listings. I'll make sure that there's keywords in my title, and description. 


Tip 2: Use the tools that Etsy gives you to determine the best keywords for your shop. Tools such as Etsy Search, and tools in your dashboard. 


To make sure my shop stays relevant on Etsy, I make sure to let Etsy know that I am active within my shop.


I make sure that I go in and make some type of changes on my shop at least once a month, if not more. 


Etsy wants to see that I show up for my customers. Examples of showing up in your shop could be rearranging your shop, running a sale, etc. 


To have a top selling Etsy shop, I drive traffic to my shop with Pinterest. 


Pinterest is basically a visual search engine where people go to look for inspiration .


I pin directly from my shop and create my own pins. 


When a person clicks on my pin, it takes them back to my shop.


Pinterest loves new content, so anytime that you can, add new pictures or pins! Pinterest will show you love and send traffic back to Etsy, which will lead to more views and eventually more sales. 


So there you go, those are some of the things that make my shop the most successful. 


  • I make sure my keywords and my SEO are on point! 💁
  • I make sure that I'm always going in and doing some type of tweak or change into my Etsy shop. 
  • And I also use Pinterest to drive traffic to my shop.


So, tell me. Do you have an Etsy shop? Do you not know what's holding you back from starting your Etsy shop? Do you not know where to start? Do keywords and SEO give you the bubble guts? 


Leave a comment and let me know what's holding you back. I’ll be sure to respond and help if I can!


Til next time, remember a craft a day keeps the cray cray away! 😉

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