After Christmas Decorating Ideas


After you put up all the lights, take down the tree, and tuck everything into it's spot in the attic, things sort of look a little empty,. right.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. But I am hear to tell you that we are about to enter the next best thing.

I am officially calling that awkward time between Christmas and Spring, the most coziest time of the year.

Why? It's chilly outside, the snow is falling, things are slowing down.  I'm here to tell you my favorite ideas for making your home look and feel cozy and transition from Christmas to winter.

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 1. Bring the Outside In

 Now, I'm not talking about bringing the snow inside. What I am saying is to bring the colors that show up in your winter landscape outside inside of your home.

The first step is to go through your Christmas Decor and get rid of anything that screams Christmas like reds, santa, etc.

Switch them out with colors like white, browns, blues will help you transition from Christmas to Winter.

What do you think about this color palette. 


2. Neutrals and Classic Designs are your friend

After Christmas I love to bring out my neutral every day decor and mix it in with my winter decor. I love neutrals because they are great filler for when you just don't know what to put out. 

Monograms are also great to bring out after Christmas to add in to your winter Decor


3. Let's Get Cozy

When it's cold outside, what's the first thing you want to do. Curl up with a blanket right.

Here's a tip, go your favorite store like Walmart or Target and check the clearance section. I found a buffalo plaid blanket  that was in the Christmas collection marked down for Christmas Clearance for only  $15. I also found a burgundy blanket on clearance for $8.75. Blankets are good to drape across a chair or bed. I also think blanket ladders are really trendy, they are practical and they can add dimension to an empty space.

Here's a really nice one that's under $30

Another option is to change up your sofa by adding in pillows. Have you heard of pillow cover inserts.

These are basically pillow covers that you can change out at any time and change up your decor.

Here is one of my favorites.

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