April Facebook Live Event


Thanks for joining me for my April 2019 10 Days of Facebook Lives Event. 

I challenged myself to do 10 straight days of Facebook Lives with a couple of goals in mind:

  • Get better at lives. They say the more you do them the better you get.
  • Show you behind the scenes how I make some of your favorite designs
  • Give you a sneak peek of new Summer Designs that are available to purchase on the site.

You can come here for a recap of each day and the supplies used.

Be sure you are following me on FaceBook to watch the event live and on Instagram to watch the nightly afterparty recap!

 Day 1

We're painting a new pineapple design.

Get the pineapple shape template free here 

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Purchase your own pineapple here'

Day 2

 Spring is here so why not  add these pretty flowers to your door décor.

Purchase your own flower here

Purchase flower template

Purchase blank 


Day 3

Cactus Door Hanger

Let's paint a cactus!

Purchase your very own cactus here

Purchase  cactus template

Purchase Cactus Wood Cut Out to make your own

Watch on FaceBook. 

  Day 4

We're painting a colorful Striped Hello Summer Sign. This design is available in two different shapes. Each sign can be customized in colors that match your Summer Decor.. 


Purchase the Circle Hello Summer Sign

Purchase the Square Hello Summer Sign


Day 5

I can't believe we're almost half way done with our 10 days of Facebook Lives. Let's make some signs for mom tonight. Make sure you shop our Mother's Day Sale this weekend.  


Day 6

We’re having a Paint Pour Party. Join me and my kids Rikaia and Kameron as we channel our inner Bob Ross


Day 7

We’re Live in the Cut Shop! Rodney is showing off our new CNC and cutting the popsicle that I’ll be cutting on day 8.

We are adding more and more Unfinished Cutouts   and templates to the website which for our crafty and maker friends 

Shop Unfinished Cutouts

Shop Printable Template

Shop All Products


Day 8

Let’s paint a popsicle!

Purchase Finished Popsicle-- Coming Soon!

Purchase Pineapple Unfinished Cutout

Purchase Pineapple PrintableTemplate 









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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Girl! I’m just seeing this line-up presentation! When you can teach me how! I want to learn! If you have a class, let me know!!!

Lisa Allen

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