Are You Ready for Thanksgiving ?

Are You Ready for Thanksgiving ?

The biggest meal of the year is around the corner. Are you ready?

If you want to have the best Thanksgiving Dinner here are my best tips.

1. Plan Plan Plan. Did I mention plan. There are so many things to consider like the guest list, the menu, the decor. The more organized you can be the better. Keep scrolling for a freebie from me that will help you with your planning.

2. Get your Turkey early. It can take up to a week to thaw out your bird

3. Plan family games. The best thing about Thanksgiving besides the food is family. Last year we played bingo after dinner and my mom gave out little prizes that she collected during the year to the winner. It was a blast. If you can choose a game involved teams and competition, that's even better. My Aunt created a trivia game and placed our older family members with our younger family members. It was so fun.

Here are some more tips on making sure your Thanksgiving Turkey is the best one ever.





Need decor ideas for the big day.. Shop these looks






Here's a little something to help you start brainstorming for the big day.

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