Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

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Before you know if Summer will be over and the kiddos will be headed back to school. 

I scoured the net to put together  a list of Back to School Essentials that you will need to make the first day of school a success.



Kids being back in school means mama's gotta stay organized. So girl you are gonna need a planner to keep up with everything.

I love this planner 


2. Bag 

Mama needs a brand new bag!. For the lady who carries all the things and has to keep up with all the things, check out this bag to take with you to the ballpark or wherever you have to go this year


Bonus Bag Tags

You might as well ad one of these cute bag tags to personalize your new bag.


3.Travel Mug

While you are waiting in the carpool line or take kids here and there, Every mom needs a cute mug to take on the go. 


4. Self Care


 Who has time to go to a spa, not this mama. Whether your kids are little or older they need your attention all the time. Remember that old saying that you can't take care of anybody if you don't take care of yourself first. That is so true. So take time for you with maybe a wine and chill night  or grab a long bath with a bath bomb and candle going for ambiance. These are some of my favorite self care items you absolutely need.



5. Teacher Gift

Are you planning on being a room mom this year? Even if you aren't you want to be sure to give your Child's teacher the perfect gift to show her how much your appreciate her.




 Paw Teacher Door Hanger

Shop Teacher Collection 

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