Summer Decorating Ideas For Your Front Door


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I don't know about you but it feels like summer. My kids are home from school, we've cranked up the grill, and the neighborhood pool is open for business.  And OMG it is H-O-T hot outside. Even though the official first day of summer is still about a month away, I am declaring that summer has officially begun. Have you decorated your home for summer yet?

 Here are some of my favorite trends for decorating your home inside and out this summer.


1. Don't be Scared of a Little Color 

 A pop of color never hurt anyone and Summer is as good of a time as any to add some color to your front door. Whether it is a colorful Summer Wreath or Door Hanger. 





2.Fruit is trending

 Fruit is not just for eating, it's also for decorating. And I'm not talking about your nana's fruit table centerpiece. I mean on your door. The top trending fruits for summer are lemons, watermelon, and pineapple!

3. Welcome your Guests 

What better way to let your guests know that they are welcome than to greet them with a Hello, Hi, or Welcome before they even reach your door.


4. Paint Your Front Door 

 If you are tired of the dame old boring black door like I am, paint your front door htis Summer. I did a poll over on my Facebook page and was surprised to find out that many are skipping traditional door colors and opting for color. The most popular colors for doors were turquoise, red, gray, and navy.


5. Revive your Welcome Mat 

A quick fix to jazz up your front door is to add a welcome mat!. I am loving the trend of layering door mats.
Check out this post for inspriration on how to layer door your door mats and brighten up your front door. 


6. Monograms Never Go Out of Style

 If you have followed me for any length of time, then you know I love monograms. They are timeless and can be used for any season. Did you know that you can change our the bow on our Circle Monogram Door Hangers. Let's say you have a white monogram door hange. One way to update your sign for summer is to change out the bow and add a bit of color to the sign. 




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