Farmhouse Decorating Hack Fall Edition

cIf you love tiered trays and you cannot lie, then you probably like to change out your tray for every season and holiday, which means you're gonna need accessories to fill up your tray,

The question is how do you do this without breaking the budget.

This week's hack is super simple.... Be on the lookout for essential pieces that can be used year round in the seasonal and holiday sections in your local home decor and craft stores.


1, Be on the lookout for colors that can be used for different seasons.

 For example a red truck can be used for Christmas, Valentines Day, and Fall

2, Be on the lookout for signs with wording that can be used for all occasions

Ex. Words like Home, Blessed, Thankful, Family, Love can be used in everyday decor as well as holiday and seasonal decor

3. Look for pieces with neutral colors. 

Neutral colored pieces can be added into almost any tray set, But these pieces can also be painted or you can add a little DIY magic to transform them

Check out this 3 part video series I did while doing a little fall shopping at Hobby Lobby to get your brain going on potential finds that can be used all year long.

Let me know if you spot other items like these in your favorite store.










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