Friday Favorites From Simply Adorable Creations

We made it through the week. Yay! I hope you had an awesome week.

Let's get you caught up on all the happenings from this week.

This week we unveiled two new tiered tray decor sets.

These sets have an everyday vibe but I think they are also perfect for Thanksgiving Decor.

Check out the new sets below. Click on the pictures to take a close look and grab one for your collection.








How did you survive  the Facebook Outage of 2021. Facebook went down this week and let's just say there are tons of theories why but I am so happy that it came back.

Many of us small business owners use Facebook and Instagram as a primary way to keep in touch with you. Even though we have never met, many of you are way more than just people who stop by to say hello from time to time. You guys feel more like friends.

So just in case there is more willynillyness to come with Facebook and IG make sure that we stay email friends and to be safe make sure you join our text club for alerts, notifications, and special promotions.

Text the word Hello  to 205-207-5044 and let's chat 


Ok so what's next. While Facebook was down I had a chance to learn about Tik Tok. I am over on the app trying it out and I would be happy to have you follow my page.

In fact  I have a easy farmhouse crate how to that I added today that is perfect to decorate for any season. Check it out here.

I also think you may like this video: Fall Finds From Hobby Lobby You Can Use All Year 

It really helps small business owners when you like our videos and comment. Even if its just to say hey. 


Last but not least.. Did you catch our live this week. During the month of October we are going live every Wednesday for What's New Wednesday. Watch the recap of what's going on this week


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