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DIY Bee Skep and Honey Dippers

I've got just the thing you need for your bee displays.

Today we are creating a DIY Bee Skep and Honey Dippers to add to your Bee Decor.

For This Project You will need:

Plastic Flower Pot- I got mine in the garden section at Dollar Tree

Jute Ribbon: I got my jute from the craft aisle at Walmart

Black Acrylic Paint

Ribbon (optional)

Bee charms

Honey Dippers


Yellow"Honey" Hot Glue


Check out the video below to see the steps to make these simple easy bee accessories.


DIY St Patrick's Day Tiered Tray Sign

DIY St Patrick's Day Tiered Tray Sign

I made up this super cute printable just in time for St. Patrick's Day


And the best part about the printable is that you can use it to make the cutest little sign for your tiered tray. 



To make this sign you will need: 


Supplies needed





Mod Podge

Printable or Scrapbook paper

Foam brush

Wood surface (I found mine in the $1 section/wood sign aisle at Michaels)


Step 1:

I painted the wood sign black ( this is optional) but the sign that I grabbed from Micheals is slightly bigger than my printable. I added a black rim the printable for just this reason. Because the rim is black and I painted the sign black. you will never be able to tell.

Step 2:

Cut out the printable and apply the mod podge to the back of the printable. Place the printable on your surface and press the sign onto the surface using a squeegee or a card. Be sure that there is mod podge on the edges of the printable. 

Step 3. 

Place a thin layer of mod podge on edges of the printable and the top. If you are using colored ink be careful because the ink can run. But you can usually wipe that off. Let the sign dry and then display. Viola!!



Grab this digital printable  for free HERE ..

** This free printable offer was valid from 2/15/21-2/7/2022***


You can grab the other signs in our Lucky Bundle  Set HERE


Need a quick video of these steps. Check it out here


** This free printable offer was valid from 2/15/21-2/7/2022***

February 15, 2021 by Natasha Ross

Tiered Tray Styling Tips



Welcome to our first Tiered Tray Tuesday!


If you love to decorate and you love tiered trays you are the in the right place!

Tiered Tray Tuesday is when we roll out a new tiered tray and show you how to style it.

Let me know what theme you would like to see for our next Tiered Tray Tuesday and what questions you have about Tiered Tray Tuesday.

If we pick your suggestion, we'll give you a shout out and enter you to win some Tiered Happy Mail!



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Where to find a tiered tray?


tiered tray

If you are like me then you may be slightly low key  obsessed with tiered trays. 

They are so cute and fun to decorate. And somehow it seems so much easier to put together a cute tray then a whole room.

Not to mention there is always a reason to change out your tray whether it is for a holiday, season, or a special event.

If you have been hit by the tiered tray bug, the first question you may ask is where in the world do I get one.

After searching high and low, I have ranked the best places to find your first or next  tiered tray.

1. TJ Maxx and Marshalls

These two stores have the best variety of trays from wood to galvanized at really good prices starting at 14.99 and up. They vary in size. But you sometimes have to be on the lookout because the selection may be limited. These two stores also have a good variety of filler items.

2. Hobby Lobby

You can get lost in Hobby Lobby on a good day, but when you start shopping for tray décor you may as well dedicate your whole day to browsing. Their selection of trays goes on sale about every other week. They also release new trays with their seasonal décor.

3. Amazon

Their tiered trays would make Joanna Gaines do a double take but they are pricey ranging from $39.99 and up. 

4. Wayfair

They are tied with Amazon for beautiful trays but are also on the pricier side.

5. DIY

There are tons of vides to make your own trays on You Tube.  I may just make one of my own so stay tuned.


No matter where you get one, I can just say beyond a shadow of a doubt that once you do you will be hooked. Wherever you go you will see something and wonder , how can I add that to my tray?

Do you have a tiered tray? Comment below with weher you found your tray,

February 27, 2020 by Natasha Ross