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DIY Farmhouse Canister + New Bee Printable Bundle

DIY Farmhouse Canister + New Bee Printable Bundle

- Let's make a farmhouse canister to add to your tiered tray



White Spray Paint

Free Honey Bee Decal

Wood Knobs 


Of course you’re gonna need some cute signs to go with your new farmhouse canister. So I just happened to whip up these super cute bee printables. They are super easy to make using any wood or fabric surface you can find. For this canister is decided to make our mini Bee our Guest and Welcome to our Hive minis.  Check out how I made the canister and the mini signs in the video below 

Printable Bee Mini Signs --> Shop Here


Watch the video here  




May 12, 2021 by Natasha Ross

DIY Easter Carrot Patch Crate

Check out the video of our cute carrot patch crate tiered tray decor filler item 


March 15, 2021 by Natasha Ross
5 Things You Need to Decorate Your Decor Displays

5 Things You Need to Decorate Your Decor Displays

Hey Girl Hey!

We are back with this week’s edition and we have 5 more things that you absolutely Need to Decorate Your Displays and Spaces 

Here are all the links and where you can go to grab them.


Makers Lane Box

- You guys loved them this time and they sold out in record time. Get on the Waitlist for the next box here--> Maker's  Lane Waitlist 

Makers Lane


Teal Towel Ladder& Tea Towel

I've gotten so many messages on these that I finally convinced Rodney to add them to the shop. They are perfect to display your tea towels and your mini signs.

Grab one Here--> Shop Tea Towel Ladder


Tea Towels- These mini tea towels are perfect for the ladder. I have the monogram and the Home Is My Happy Place Sign. These are available in the Spring section of Hobby Lobby

Carrot Patch Bunny DIY

Carrot Patch tiered tray filler



 Check out the video here —> Watch


How cute is this sign. You can make it with this month's free printable.


Grab it here 

Spring Simply Adorable Printable Bundle Coming soon 

If you love the Freebie, you are gonna love this Spring Edition

These will be added to the website by soon. 

Not sure what a printable even is... check out this post—> Click Here 




March 14, 2021 by Natasha Ross

Simply Adorable Printables: Get the 411 On What a Printable Is and How To Use Them

Never used a printable before... Get the 411 on Printable Basics below.

I have been designing my own files for years and somehow it never clicked in my head that I could take images that would be too complex to cut with a laser or by hand and create a digital image that you can print from the comfort of your own home.

So in case you have never used one a printable usually comes in the form of a png or a pdf. Generally once you make or purchase a printable you print it out, find a surface to adhere it to and voila, you have a ready made piece of art on your hands.


All you really need to use these is a printer. Just your average run of the mill printer nothing fancy smancy. You can also visit your local printing store like UPS or Office Depot and print from there. I do that occasionally because girl they have that really good ink, lol

You don't have to have a special type of paper though on occasion I have used regular white cardstock from Hobby Lobby to print with on my home computer.


For the most part people  use mod podge to attach their sign but you can easily find a picture frame at your favorite dollar tree or around the house and place it in there

.There are tons of ways to up level your printable decoration with ribbon or other embellishments as well.

When it comes to surfaces to use for your printables let me tell you my favorite place to find them is Dollar Tree and Michaels. I raid the Dollar Tree craft aisle all the time. I bet they wonder what is that girl making. 
And Michael's usually has unfinshed blocks and wood signs in their Dollar section at the front of the store or craft aisle.

You can also find wood or fabric surfaces at Walmart. Target. or Amazon

Make sure you join our I Love Tiered Tray Email Club to get our latest free digital printable.

We are in the process of adding more printable decor to the website so be sire to check them out.


Here are some of our latest creations with our Simply Adorable Printable Decor 




March 14, 2021 by Natasha Ross
Free Easter Printable

Free Easter Printable

 Have you ever used a printable? If not  then girl let me tell you that they are addicting. I made this free Easter PDF just for you to add a little bit more to your  Easter Decor. Grab it Here --> Download 


I made a video to show you how to use this freebie. Check it out below.





Grab your freebie here 

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Never used a printable before... I've got a blog post that will give you the 411 on Printable Basics here.--> Learn More About Printables



March 13, 2021 by Natasha Ross
Five Things You Need To Decorate Your Decor Display

Five Things You Need To Decorate Your Decor Display

This post contains affiliate links

I've Got 5 things you need this week to decorate your tiered tray or home displays.

1.  Carrot Patch and Bunny Tiered Tray Set : This cute tiered tray set can be used on any size tiered tray set and is perfect for your Spring and Easter Decor. Find it Here

2. Chicks with Glasses- I found these in the Hobby Lobby Spring Aisle. They are 6.99 and are currently 40% off. They come in pink, turquouise,and yellow

3. Blue Spring Decor- What do you think about Blue for Spring. I put this blue truck and blue floral carrots in with the pink bunny tray set and it looked Ah-mazing. If you want these items, I found them at Hobby Lobby. They are also 40% off

4. Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mugs and Hats

I have been wanting these cuties for a while and did not know where to find them. I thought that maybe they would be available at some point at Home Goods but I never saw them. Well low and behold, they are available on Amazon. As soon as I saw them,I went ahead and ordered them and they were here the next day. If you want these cuties you can find them on Amazon here..



5. Makers Lane Box- The Makers Lane box is a seasonal home decor box that I am honored to be a member of.  Eight handmade makers from across the United States have come together to create seasonal decor that you can use to decorate your home. The Spring box launches on 3/15/2021. But it's available to purchase now for our group members and members of our VIP Email List. Join the group for sneak peaks and more info on the box. Join Group



March 07, 2021 by Natasha Ross
DIY St Patrick's Day Tiered Tray Sign

DIY St Patrick's Day Tiered Tray Sign

I made up this super cute printable just in time for St. Patrick's Day


And the best part about the printable is that you can use it to make the cutest little sign for your tiered tray. 



To make this sign you will need: 


Supplies needed





Mod Podge

Printable or Scrapbook paper

Foam brush

Wood surface (I found mine in the $1 section/wood sign aisle at Michaels)


Step 1:

I painted the wood sign black ( this is optional) but the sign that I grabbed from Micheals is slightly bigger than my printable. I added a black rim the printable for just this reason. Because the rim is black and I painted the sign black. you will never be able to tell.

Step 2:

Cut out the printable and apply the mod podge to the back of the printable. Place the printable on your surface and press the sign onto the surface using a squeegee or a card. Be sure that there is mod podge on the edges of the printable. 

Step 3. 

Place a thin layer of mod podge on edges of the printable and the top. If you are using colored ink be careful because the ink can run. But you can usually wipe that off. Let the sign dry and then display. Viola!!



Grab this digital printable  for free HERE ..

** This free printable offer was valid from 2/15/21-2/7/2022***


You can grab the other signs in our Lucky Bundle  Set HERE


Need a quick video of these steps. Check it out here


** This free printable offer was valid from 2/15/21-2/7/2022***

February 15, 2021 by Natasha Ross

Tiered Tray Shopping Tips


Come hang out with me in one of my favorite places to find tiered tray decor and listen in on what I look for when shopping for a tiered tray 




February 09, 2021 by Natasha Ross

Fall Farmhouse Finds

August 18, 2020 by Shopify API