Christmas Decor Idea: Christmas Tree Set


Isn't this Christmas Tree set just adorable. Imaging them sitting on your holiday table with all of your other Christmas decorations. Or sitting on your mantle on Christmas morning as you open presents.

These are available finished by me or your can make it a fun project while the kids are out for Thanksgiving break.


You can find them here on the site.

Christmas Tree Set 


Watch the video of me making these adorable signs on our FaceBook Halloween Craft Hop. Can you guess my costume?


 Here’s the finished rustic set.


 Don't miss out on the chance to win a set of these Christas Tree signs. Sign up below ! 





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I’m hoping to find some little tree’s to do soon. They are just the cutest!

Patricia L Friday

I loved your little trees last night! 💝

Patricia L Friday

Love your work

sally white

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