Motivation Monday!

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I am going to share something that you may not believe because for the most part I am sure that I look like I have it all together . Well, here's the secret and this is just between me and you.

I do not have it all together all the time. Sometimes I let thoughts in my head that should not be there. 

Thoughts like I am not good enough, Who am I to (insert bad thought here), I am not as crafty as the next person. I will never have a successful business.

Why do we as women give everyone in the world grace but hold ourselves to the most unreasonable expectations.

On this motivation Monday I challenge you to look at yourself how others see you and most importantly how God sees you.

While we all can be a "hot mess" sometimes I assure you that God does not make any mess that can't be cleaned up.


So , while I swallow little bit of medicine for myself I have a couple of things that can bring you a little bit of motivation and inspiration.

1. Read Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. She has a way of inspiring and motivating to get put whatever funk you're in.
2. If you ever get down check out a couple of inspirational podcasts on iTunes. I like The Jennifer Allwood Show. Her Monday Fire episodes get me going every time.
3. Last but not least, I created a couple of motivational cards that you can use to remind yourself that you are awesome. You know just in case you forget. I like to put these cards in places where I will see them should I need a little bit of motivation. Like the bathroom mirror when I  first wake up or the change compartment of my car . That helps me on my way in to work or home.   Enter your information below here to have them delivered directly to  your inbox.
    Remember ladies you deserve and are worthy of grace just as much as the next person. 
    Til  next time stay crafty.
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