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Do you need tools and supplies to create your DIY, decorating and door hanger projects? Here are some of the products and tools that I can’t live without.

What kind of wood do you use?

People always ask me the type of wood we use for our door hangers and blanks. We use ¼ in Cabinet grade MDF from Home Depot and ¼ RevolutionPly from Lowe’s.

Where do you get your unfinished wood blanks to make your signs?

That’s a great question. We cut our own blanks for our door hangers.. If you want to learn how to cut your own, there are tons of videos on Youtube as well as several facebook groups that I can recommend. Shoot me a message and I’ll send you a list. If you want to skip the diy option then no problem. Visit the Blank Door Hanger section of the website to purchase yours today.
 If you want to buy the tools to cut your own. I recommend starting with a
Jigsaw and then graduating to a Scroll Saw which can be purchased at Home Depot.

My Favorite Painting Tools

I have so many brushes that it’s not even funny. I tend to grab them at Hobby Lobby or Walmart. Here are some of my favorite from Amazon. 


Foam Circle Sponges

Chip Brushes

Chip brushes are great for a rustic look. They can be found at Walmart or Harbor Freight

 Apple Barrel Paint

If you are starting out or a pro, I recommend that you use chalk and paint pens for your stenciling and outlining. These are lifesavers!

Chalk Markers

Paint Pens


Essential Craft Supplies

Every crafty girl needs these go to crafty supplies. I use these tools on a daily basis.


Rotary cutter

Glue Gun

Finger caps for glue gun

Staple Gun


Jute Ribbon

Jute can be used to make bows and hang your signs. You can use the link or find it in any craft store like Hobby Lobby.

Lazy Susan

These are great to use when painting to turn your sign instead of constantly picking up the sign and turning it.


What about Bows?

A good bow starts with ribbon. I am a ribbon addict. My favorite places to get ribbon are Craft Outlet, The Wreath Shop, Hobby Lobby, Old Time Pottery, and Michaels.
After you have your ribbon, I recommend a bow maker. My go to bow maker is the Bowdabra. I use it daily and for about 75% of my bows. This bow maker is relatively inexpensive and can help you make beautiful bows.  You can get it on Amazon or in your local craft store. 

Check out  my Easy Bow Tutorial.

I also use a Prow Bow for my bigger bows. I I usually use it for my wreath bows but there are so many bow "recipe" options that are available to make any size bow. Search Funky Bow or Terri Bow Tutorial on Youtube for tons of ProBow tutorials.  


Either of these bow makers will have you making bows like a pro!


Other Good to Haves!

Silhouette Cameo

I love my Silhouette. I use it to design & create stencils for my signs.
If you get a Silhouette you are going to need vinyl and stencil material and transfer tapel. Here are my tips:
Check out this blog post on which vinyl to use.
I use Oracal 651, 631,and Oramask 813.
My favorite places to order are from:
Ante Up Graphic and Vinyl World 65

Transfer Tape

Writer Bottles

These are great to use for outlining and adding dimension to your pieces. They are essentially like an acrylic version of Tulip paint. You can find them below or check out your local craft store. I found a 3 pack at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. Remember to use your coupon to score an even better deal!
I’m always on the lookout for more resources to add.
Send me a message if I there is a supply or tool that has changed the way you do your business! I’d love to check it out.