Simply Decor Box FAQs

Our Simply Decor Box Subscription Club is closing its doors for the September Box soon. 

We have received lots of questions via email and direct message and thought you may have a question too.

We have heard from our members that the subscription is the best value month over month. 


How does this work?

Each month our members get a box of farmhouse inspired items to decorate a space in their home. 

My main focus is on making sure that the value inside the box is $60 or more and to put items in the box that you will love 

Will you know what is in the box ahead of time?

I will not provide a picture of all the contents in the box before shipping but I will provide sneak peaks of one or more items via Facebook as well as email to our members and future subscribers.

I want it to be somewhat of a surprise when you open the box, but I also want you to get a sense of what is in the box.

If you love our style I really think you will love what's in the box.

What if I don't know how to put things together?

The box is designed to include items that are already put together. I will provide suggestions on how I would style the items and am always here to help.

What if I don't have a tiered tray?

Having a tray is not a requirement for this membership. All the items that I send will have the ability to be used in areas such as a shelf, mantle, hutch, small space etc without an actual tray needed. 

Are there any perks?

Of course! Members are often the first to get a new product. You also receive your items at the best value. 

We also offer a member only discount on select collections. 

This month that discount is increasing to 20% for members only. 

What do I have to lose?  


Absolutely nothing girl. I have an Etsy shop and website. with over 5000 sales and 5 star reviews.


Can I cancel?

Sure, you can cancel at anytime, within the member portal.